Black Chasm Cavern, National Natural Landmark

Black Chasm Cavern, National Natural Landmark209-736-2708 or 866-762-2837
15701 Pioneer Volcano Road
Volcano 95689

OPEN EVERY DAY, YEAR-ROUND: Explore beautiful trails and chambers in this enchanting National Natural Landmark cave on 50-minute guided walk tours. See sparkling flowstones, stalactites and hugh clusters of rare, crystalline helictite formations for which Black Chasm Cavern was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1980.

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Innovations in Tourism RECREATION winnerCave and Mine Adventures, which operates Black Chasm Cavern, received the BEST RECREATION award in the 2014 Calaveras Visitors Bureau Innovations in Tourism Awards for developing the zip lines at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park and for operating and funding the Murphys Information Center.


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Black Chasm Cavern, National Natural Landmark