Bret Harte Aquatic Center

Bret Harte Aquatic Center209- 736-8334
387 Murphys Grade Road
Murphys, CA

The Bret Harte Aquatic Center is a brand new public swimming facility located on the Bret Harte High School campus .The pool is 30 meters by 25 yards with a zero entry beach access area. Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, healthy and fun swimming environment for people of all ages.

We offer Public Swim times, lap swimming, and water aerobics classes. Group swimming lessons are offered throughout the summer, and private swim lessons are available February through October.

Most importantly it is the goal and responsibility of the Aquatics Center to assure the safety of the participants in the activities offered. Safety will be assured by providing Red Cross trained and certified Lifeguards to help run a secure facility and quality programs designed to teach personal water safety skills, lifetime fitness, life skills and fun.

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  1. Lisa Westermann says:

    The Bret Harte Aquatic facility is among the best I’ve ever swum in. I’ve been a swim coach, a cross-training coach and avid swimmer for many years and the pool has virtually everything I’d ever want in a workout facility for my clients and myself. Since swimming is among the best exercises people can do, with benefits of mental and physical health, we have our own little gold mine right here in Angels Camp!

    Lisa Westermann

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