Stanislaus River

Stanislaus River
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You’ll find so many ways to enjoy your Stanislaus River trip from swimming in picturesque granite swimming holes to fly fishing rainbow trout to wilderness camping, rock climbing and whitewater rafting with OARS.

Wildlife is abundant in this spectacular, mountain landscape. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch site of a cheeky river otter, rabbit or fox, but you’re almost guaranteed to see squirrels and deer. Birding enthusiasts should look out for white egrets, kingfishers, turkey vultures, falcons and great blue herons. There’s a chance you could also spot an owl, osprey, eagle or hawk.

Native Americans were the first people here – and you can find evidence of this in the examples of grinding holes to be found along the rocky shores of the river. Mainly inhabiting the lower elevations, Central Sierra Miwok would travel to the higher elevations in summer to hunt, fish, harvest vegetables and fruit and escape the heat.

When visiting, please help us keep these wildlife habitats clean of trash so we can all enjoy them year after year. Visit our Hop Lightly page for tips on leave-no-trace practices and how to stay safe in wilderness areas.


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