Calaveras Hotel Featured TONIGHT on Makeover Reality Show

Hotel LegerIf you’re a fan of makeover reality shows, you will love tonight’s episode of Hotel Impossible airing on the Travel Channel at 10/9C featuring Calaveras County’s historic Hotel Leger Restaurant & Saloon.

The premise of the show is to take a struggling hotel and identify its problem areas after which host, Anthony Melchiori, meets with the owners and staff and outlines a renovation process. This can include anything from revamping the hotel, to demonstrating how to provide good service, to improving the business plan.

In tonight’s episode, the historic Gold Rush town of Mokelumne Hill came together with an incredible demonstration of volunteerism to help the process and demonstrate their support of the Hotel Leger. The Calaveras Visitors Bureau was also quite heavily involved from the outset, with executive director, Lisa Boulton, designing historic Mokelumne Hill town signs for placement along Highway 49 and talking to show producers about how the Hotel Leger could increase its tourism marketing potential.

Lisa says she’s looking forward to seeing the episode because she thinks the small town support demonstrated will be unusually strong for this type of show format. From the organization and leadership provided by former county supervisor, Steve Wilensky, to the artistic creativity provided by the Calaveras Arts Council, down to the swift production of the historic signs by  Merzlak Signs:

“Usually, I think this genre of show focuses heavily on the problem areas, and doesn’t see the kind of support that was shown by Mokelumne Hill and Calaveras County residents. It was incredible to see in person, and I really hope they captured that in the show. I think it’s indicative of the kind of friendliness and support that visitors to the area also experience.”

Hotel Leger’s coverage might also include something of the paranormal. According to decades worth of word-of-mouth experiences, Hotel Leger is something of a hotbed of ghostly experiences. Hotel Impossible’s producers brought in a paranormal expert to check this out. We wonder what they found…. Tune in tonight to find out!

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