Vallecito Area

Vallecito, once a thriving Gold Rush town, is now a sleepy little village tucked off the Highway. But the town isn’t the big attraction here; Vallecito’s Moaning Cavern has long been a must-see destination for tourists since the construction of the 100-ft spiral staircase in 1922. More intrepid or perhaps, foolhardy, tourists visited even before the construction of the staircase, when a windlass lowered them in a bucket to the bottom of the main chamber.

Vallecito: Moaning Cavern Adventure Park

Vallecito: Moaning Cavern walk tour | Menka Belgal
Moaning Cavern walk tour | Menka Belgal

Today, Moaning Cavern has only grown as an attraction by adding additional family-friendly and innovative, adventurous activities to the Adventure Park including 1500-ft twin zip lines, and a 3-hour caving Adventure Trip, a 32-ft climbing tower and gemstone mining flumes.


Vallecito: Vineyards & Tasting Rooms

Vallecito: Twisted Oak Winery
Twisted Oak Winery | Maria Camillo

Murphys has its tasting rooms in historic downtown, and the Vallecito area has beautiful vineyards with tasting rooms open to the public. Each has its own distinctive flair and personality, and all are worth visiting.  Most are conveniently located along Highway 4, close to Murphys. If you would like to visit a selection of these vineyards hosted by a knowledgeable guide with comfortable transportation, Courtwood Wine Tasting Tours offers all this and more. To be hosted on a visit to vineyards around the county not usually open to the public, Taste of Terroir is another option that will keep you from driving between tastings.

Vallecito: Twisted Folk Concert Series | Robert Lippert
Twisted Folk Concert Series at Twisted Oak Winery | Robert Lippert

Adding to the attraction of these award-winning wineries is their regular schedules of special events, popular concert series and parties. Check out the winery listings in Vallecito to see more details on each winery’s offerings.