Let’s Move More this New Year – Calaveras Style!

Have you committed to moving more in 2022? There may be a gentle mountain chill in the air, but that’s no excuse to stay indoors! Start the year off right by meeting your goals with some tips for super fun, easy, and accessible activities throughout Calaveras county to keep you moving through January and beyond. We’d love to see your photos of you all moving more in Calaveras County, so tag us! @gocalaveras#gocalaveras

Moving More in Calaveras: Take a Walk

Salt Spring Valley Reservoir, Copperopolis
Salt Spring Valley Reservoir, Copperopolis

Let’s start with the basics. Did you know that just moving your body outside for twenty minutes can energize your day and bring fresh perspective? Don’t take our word for it; try it yourself. Whether strolling through one of our picturesque historic downtown areas or hitting a local trail, there’s nothing like taking a walk to ease you into a more active lifestyle.

Moving More in Calaveras: Kick Up the Intensity

Move More Calaveras January
From the campgrounds at New Melones, trails stretch for miles and are great for crisp winter runs and hikes. | Jason B Smith

Take your outdoor movement up a notch, and turn any of the above walks into runs! You can even make it social. Keep an eye on our calendar of events during the time of your visit for opportunities to join a trail building team or join in a local marathon. Who knows, you might even make some great new friends along the way!

Photo Courtesy of Family 4 Fitness

Moving More in Calaveras: Yoga & Fitness Centers

The practice of Yoga first started as a spiritual practice in India but has become increasingly more popular in the United States. The mental and physical health benefits are wide-ranging – from building physical strength and increasing flexibility to reducing stress and anxiety and improving mental focus. If yoga is something you do every day or would just like to try it, here are a few places in Calaveras who may be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Murphys 9 golf course
The beautiful fairway

Moving More in Calaveras: Play Golf

Winter is a great time to check out Calaveras’ fun and challenging courses at Angels Camp’s Robert Trent Jones Championship golf course Greenhorn Creek Resort,  The Golf Club at Copper Valley (one of GolfWeek Magazine’s regular top picks), Sequoia Woods Country Club, or Golf Digest darling La Contenta Golf Resort.

Move More Calaveras January Disc Golf
New Hogan disc golf | Josh Bridges

Moving More in Calaveras: Disc Golf

In case you haven’t heard, disc golf is kind of a big deal around here. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot – it’s harder than it looks and you get a good walk out of it! Plus, most courses are either free or have small park entrance fees. SNAC in Arnold and Murphys are your source for golf discs. Disc Golf is also well represented throughout the county, with courses at Lake Hogan (near Valley Springs), Plug Ugly Disc Golf Course (in San Andreas) and Feeney Park(in Murphys), we have more than a few disc golf courses to choose from. Check our various disc golf courses out side by side and learn more about our higher elevation disc golf courses available in warmer months here.

White Pines Lake, Arnold, Calaveras County

Moving More in Calaveras: Snowshoe

Snowshoeing through the Calaveras Big Trees is a winter wonderland experience like no other.  With gigantic sequoias towering above you and the peaceful forest surrounding you, you won’t even realize the calories melting right off! The park has first come, first serve snowshoes to borrow, or you can easily rent some at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods or SNAC right in Arnold on your way to the Big Trees.

Arnold Rim Trail
Photo courtesy the Arnold Trail Association

Moving More in Calaveras: Bike

The lower elevation Calaveras lake trails mentioned above are a great spot to sample local mountain biking. While the Arnold Rim Trail tends to be covered in snow this time of year, watch the weather. It can be in excellent shape with a spell of dry weather. The mild daytime temps in the foothills can make for a great day of road cycling as well.

Want to connect with other cycling enthusiasts in the area? Contact the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition here.

With all of these inspiring ways to knock your January moving more challenge out of the park, what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving, and remember to tag us in your photos of moving more! #gocalaveras@gocalaveras.