Spicer Sno Park

209- 795-1381
South side of Highway 4 at Spicer Road
(4 Miles before Bear Valley Village)

Spicer Sno Park is a great place to go for family friendly snow play.  Great for cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snow play, and snowmobiling. To park at a SNO-PARK, you must purchase a sno-park pass.

Passes are $5.00 a day or $25.00 for a season pass.

Purchase in person at the locations below.

Purchase on-line here: Purchase SNO-PARK passes on-line

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  1. Paul Lemieux says:

    We’re looking for free sledding and a place to build snow forts. Would Spicer or Lake Alpine SnoParks work? Is one better than the other? Otherwise, any recommendations? We live in the San Joaquin Valley and are looking to keep the drive under 3 hours. Thanks!

    • Good Morning! Both Spicer and Lake Alpine SnoParks are good for either sledding and snow play, however, Lake Alpine SnoPark is BEST for sledding (especially for anyone over 9 or 10 years old). Lake Alpine has longer runs whereas Spicer has shorter runs which are better for little ones. A SnoPark Permit is required for all SnoParks. There are only $5/day or $25 for the entire season. Here is a link to http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=26911 .They can be purchased at Bear Valley Snowmobile in Bear Valley. Call BV Snowmobile 209-753-2323 for more info.

  2. Laura Andrada says:

    We were thinking of checking out the snow park in spicer. Do you have to have snow chains right now or are the road pretty clear

    • Hi Luci, Snow chains are not available to rent… but they’re not terribly expensive to purchase. You will need to purchase some before you head up the mountain – they are legally required to be carried in your car in the winter even if there is no snow on the roads. There are no places to purchase at the park. The park doesn’t have any concessions, it’s a wilderness area with parking lot and public restroom amenities. Beyond that, there’s no infrastructure, so you will be using it at your own risk. You will need to purchase a sno-park permit. Information is available here.

    • You may take your own gear to either Lake Alpine SnoPark or Spicer SnoPark. Lake Alpine is better suited for kids ages 9 or 10 and up. Spicer is better suited to kids under 9 or 10. One thing to remember is you must have a permit to park at the Sno Parks. The permit costs $5. I believe you can buy permits at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods, Sierra Nevada Adventure Company (both which are in the town of Arnold), Bear Valley Adventure Company and at Bear Valley Snowmobile. Please be aware, if you do not have a parking permit, you will be ticketed. Have a wonderful time!

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