Adventure Alert: Are You Crazy Enough for Spelunking?

KCRA’s Brian Hickey recently proved he was crazy when he took viewers along as he went rappelling and spelunking at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park.

How far will you go for a good adventure?  Watch above as Brian navigates his way through the nooks and crannies of the underworld and decide for yourself…do you have what it takes for spelunking?

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park’s 3-hour Adventure Trip featured in the video above costs $130 per person.  A basic walking tour and other activities like zip-lining are also available.  The cave is open year round.

And if you want the full Calaveras caving experience, don’t miss the underground fun at California Cavern in Mountain Ranch which offers 2 more caving expeditions, and the walk tours at Mercer Caverns in Murphys.


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    • Surprisingly, you don’t have to be terribly thin to go spelunking. The hardest parts of the body are bone… everything else is pretty squishy! Call Cave and Mine Adventures at 866-762-2837 to ask their advice if you think you might be too large, but generally if you are of average size and fitness, you will be fine.

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