Lake Camanche Camping

11700 Wade Lane, Valley Springs
(866) 763-5121

You can book your campsites online choosing from more than 550 tent camping sites spread over the North and South Shores. Campsite amenities include bbqs. water, picnic tables, hot showers, laundry facilities and restrooms. Primitive sites usually have no amenities like water, picnic tables or restrooms close by.

If you’re new to camping, Lake Camanche has a Rent My Tent program which provides a premium tent so you don’t have to deal with the fuss of getting set up, or purchasing equipment you may use only once or twice a year. A two night minimum reservation is required and extra services are available for higher pricing.

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The South Shore features the following campsites:

  • Coyote Flat is the most popular campsite, is close to the lake and wildlife viewing
  • Riverview is alcohol free and family friendly
  • Oaks is also alcohol free and family friendly and close to the store
  • Arrowhead is centrally located, close to swimming areas
  • Cottonwood is close to the amphitheater and store
  • Lakeside is another very popular site close to the lake
  • Moccasin is closest to the children’s play area and has great views of the lake. It can be reserved as a group site for a maximum of 32 people
  • Sugarloaf is a group campsite accommodating 64 campers
  • Turkey Hill is an equestrian site that can be reserved for a group with a maximum of 32 people.
  • Gold Run is comprised of two group campsites accommodating a total of 186 campers

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The North Shore features these campsites:

  • Blue Oaks is family friendly and the largest of the campsites. It can be reserved as a group site for a maximum of 72 campers
  • Peninsula is perfect for self-contained campers or RVs
  • Each Beach is a boat-in campground that’s very secluded
  • Primitive is for self-contained camping and is located on the shoreline

When you’re in the area, enjoying this beautiful environment, please use our Hop Lightly guidelines to keep Calaveras beautiful, preserve the habitats of our wild animals, and keep yourself and your family safe.

When you’re ready to take a break from preparing campfire meals, check out the multiple independent restaurant and coffee shop options available in Valley Springs.g

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