Murphys Winery Bike Tour

Murphys Winery Bike TourLength: ¼ to 14 miles Surface: Asphalt
Climbing: Zero to 800 feet
Start: Murphys Park

Head West on Algiers to Main Street. Be sure to stop by Malvadino and Zucca Mountain Tasting rooms. Take a left onto Main Street and head over to Black Sheep Winery. From there, go back South on Main and hit Twisted Oak Winery, Milliaire, Domaine Becquet and French Hill. You may also stop at the Stevenot Tasting Room downtown, but if you’re more ambitious, head west on Sheep Ranch Road. You’ll do a little climbing on this scenic route into San Domingo Valley where Stevenot Winery is nestled in the canyon. As you head into the canyon, just remember you’ll be climbing back out!

From Murphys Park, you may want to head south on Algiers and then take a left onto Six Mile Road. Go about 1 mile to Ironstone Vineyards. It’s just a slight climb and evens out at the top. Grab lunch at their fabulous deli! Upon leaving you can either take the easy ride back into Murphys or extend your ride: Coming out of the Ironstone parking lot go right. The asphalt will soon turn to gravel. Meander down this pretty road and you will soon overlook Gerber Vineyards. Stop at the quaint tasting room and learn about Laraine Wines. Continue on Six mile Road and make a left onto Highway 4. Ride the highway back to Murphys, but don’t miss Chatom Vineyards in Douglas Flat – it’s right on the way!

Highlights: History, Food, Wine and Spectacular Scenery.