July 15, 2015
The Angels Camp visitor center is the best welcome stop I’ve ever visited. Not only is the staff super pleasant, but there is a plethora of information on activities, festivals, lodging and dining options. The restrooms are always clean, there is ample parking to allow a full day of shopping, there is a cold water cooler & the best porch to sit on and enjoy a short rest.

Whitney Haas, Paso Robles, California


Duncan and Glenda AndersonJune 11, 2015
This is the best Visitors Center we’ve ever been to. Our trip to the United States has included Los Angeles to Florida, all the way through Texas and New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and Utah.

We like to come into visitors centers in each community to get ideas for things to see and do on our trip. Yours was by far the best – definitely the most helpful and friendly. Thank you Judy – and please come visit us if you’re ever in New Zealand! We would be happy for you to post our recommendation. Scan our card and upload it if you like (we did, but just the photo).

Duncan and Glenda Anderson, New Zealeand


October 29, 2014
Last week my wife and I were on a road trip touring the Delta and watching birds. We made a change and decided to spend a day driving to Calaveras County to see fall colors along the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway. Wednesday morning 10:30, we arrived at the Visitor Center in Angels Camp and were met by a gentlewomen inside who was super wonderful, competent and friendly! She provided us with useful maps and sight suggestions, which helped us time and navigate our drive.

Two weeks before our trip, I contacted several city/county associations for printed materials. Calaveras was the only one who promptly mailed a guide to us, and it made a difference in trip planning. Will be keeping the guide to use perhaps next year (or passing it on).

ebbetts pass photoThe trip to Ebbetts Pass was great and then we made it back to Murphys late afternoon for a couple of wine-tasting; well, I now wish we spend those last moments at Angels Camp, instead.

In our travel, we often stop by visitor centers just to say hello and meet people locally, and the Calaveras Visitor Center truly stands out. It leaves me a great memory of Angels Camp. Am looking forward to visiting next time and spending more time in town.

Please say another thank-you to that lady for us. And here is a picture from the day.

Best wishes, Gavin C.