California Dream Eater Discovers Murphys’ The Red Apple!

When we heard California Dream Eater Chase Ramsey was coming for our Red Apple donuts we begged him to stay away. Hey, more donuts for us, right? Well, once we met him, we decided he was cool enough we’d be stoked to share our secret 100 year old apple stand with him and boy were we glad he did.–They’ve started making more to keep up with the demand!

The next time you’re out hitting the slopes, hit The Red Apple for the best apple doughnuts, fruit pie, and silky smooooth cider around.–We’ve gotta warn you though, one taste and you may not be able to give ’em up. We know we can’t!

But, hey don’t take my word for it, take it from Chase’s stylist @kasstagramma:

The next time you’re at The Red Apple, wave your apple-donut-eating-privilege in Chase’s face with some cheeky Instalove a la #CaliforniaDreamEater.

Need more? We can hardly blame you. Don’t worry, here’s a bit more from the Instagram archives to tide you over to your next visit!  Eat your heart out, folks!

Hey, @layeredvintage, will you come style our snacks as magically as you style everything else in your life??? P.S. We love foraging!!

Fresh #apple cinnamon #donuts and #cider… Perfect way to warm up after some woodsy #foraging | #abeautifulmess

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And speaking of foraging, this bear is like “What amazing goodness is in this compost???” Apple donuts, bear. Apple donuts.